The Al-Sabah Collection


The al-Sabah Collection, presented here, covers a chronology of some 6,000+ years. The original collection of art from the Islamic world contains more than 18,000 pieces – collected from every geographic area and dynastic period of the Islamic world through the 19th century CE. This collection also covers every media option – from ceramics to wood. The second, more recent, additions feature some 5,300 objects from the same geographic region but created in pre-Islamic periods. It includes pieces in all relevant media from the early Bronze Age through Late Antiquity. In addition, The al-Sabah Collection includes more than 12,000 numismatic objects and more than 15,000 rare and reference books.




Ceramics is one of the oldest industries, dating back to the Paleolithic era, more than 30,000 years ago. While The al-Sabah Collection is rich in ceramics ...


Glass objects in the collection date back almost 4,500 years and include objects from virtually every period since. The depth of the glass objects in...

Ivory & Wood

Objects of ivory and wood comprise decorative architectural items such as beams and doors, and smaller items such as boxes, jewellery and gaming pieces ...


The al-Sabah Collections possess an unparalleled assemblage of pre-Islamic and Islamic jewellery and jewelled objects. These objects represent not only the ...

Art Of the Book

The al-Sabah Collection is rich in manuscripts of the Qur’an. These range from a double page folio from one of the earliest known manuscripts, copied in ...


The al-Sabah Collection contains almost two thousand items of metalwork ranging from elaborately worked vessels inlaid with precious metals ...

Books & Catalogs

The al-Sabah Collection Books Celebrating Art and Culture

The al-Sabah Collection is dedicated to more than the collection of beautiful objects. It is an organisation committed to promoting awareness and appreciation for all aspects of art and culture in the Islamic world, from the early Bronze Age to the present.

The al-Sabah Collection Specific Books

The books shown below offer extensive looks into specific aspects of The al-Sabah Collection. The purpose is to give interested parties a detailed tour of a media or a genre in a format that presents the history and artistic techniques behind the objects and also the culture and communities that inspired them.

The Nasser al-Sabah Collection Exhibition Catalogues

These exhibition catalogues can be a valuable tool for enjoying an exhibition, both during the museum visit and later, in the comfort of home. The al-Sabah Collection has a well-deserved reputation for producing quality catalogues that capture not just the objects in the exhibition but the spirit behind it – the reason that those specific objects were selected to represent a specific theme.
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