Production of Audio-visual programmes and documentary films

Mystic Journey to the Ancient East

Objects from the Splendors of the Ancient East: Antiquities from The al-Sabah Collection exhibition inspired this synergistic partnership of a poet and a filmmaker. (16 February 2014)

DAI 30th Anniversary Exhibition Film

In recognition of the DAI’s 30th anniversary, this short film was created to present the highlights of the organization from 1983 – 2013. (2015)

Islamic: Civilization and its Arts

A film produced by Franklin Trout based on The al-Sabah Collection (1990)

Aziza ya Kuwait

A combination of film and live musical performance, depicting traditional life in old Kuwait (1990)

Ibn Battuta

An innovative, multi-media production portrays the travels of the 14th century adventurer through film footage, images of objects in The al-Sabah Collection, combined with live performance portraying the Moroccan traveller on stage. (1996)

Malameh Kuwaitiah

A fifteen-minute presentation of traditional songs and dance of the desert, sea and city of Kuwait through a combination of visual images and live dancing, shown at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston at the opening of Gifts of the Sultan: the Arts of Giving at the Islamic Courts. (2002)

Art in the Islamic World: al-Sabah Collection, Kuwait National Museum

An interactive DVD of The al-Sabah Collection featuring presentations by international specialists, 400 objects in detail, 100 animated in 3D, video, reference catalogue and search tools with easy interface. (2001)

The Arabs 

A Living History, 1979-1983, a series of ten one-hour documentaries, which explores Arab history, culture and society from within through the lives and opinions of Arabs today. This was aired on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom and Channel 13 PBS in USA. (1985)

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