Visiting exhibitions to DAI Museum, Kuwait​

Alan Villiers and the Sons of Sindbad exhibition of photographs and manuscripts by Alan Villiers under the auspices of the Embassy of Australia

(December 2019)

Water is Life, photographs by Claudio Koprossey under the auspices of Italian Embassy

(October 2019)

Hope through Solidarity photo exhibition under the auspices of the Embassy of Brazil

(October 2019)

The Place I Call Home exhibition of photographs under auspices of British Embassy and British Council

(October 2019)

RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) President’s Medal Exhibition & conference under auspices of British Embassy

(April 2019)

Memory of Peru as seen through historic photographs, under the aupsices of the Peruvian Embassy

 (October – November 2018)

RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) President’s Medal Exhibition & conference under auspices of British Embassy

(April – June 2018)

Post-Oil City: The History of the City’s Future, in association with the Institut Fur Auslandsbeziehungen and under the auspices of the German Embassy

(October 2017)

Al Harameyn: During the Ottoman Period, in association with Research Center for Islamic History, Art and Culture (IRCICA)

Istanbul, Turkey (2016)

Makkah in Silver: Hajj Symbolism in Mint Silver Stamps, under the auspices of the Russian Embassy


From Qurtuba to Córdoba exhibition of photographs highlighting heritage sites in Cordoba built during the period of the fabled al-Andalus. Organized by Casa Árabe and presented under the auspices of the Spanish Embassy.


Passage to the Future: Art from a New Generation in Japan, installation of contemporary Japanese art at ACC, under the auspices of the Japanese Embassy, in cooperation with the Japan Foundation

 (May 2014)

Loans from Islamic Lands (The National Museum of Iran, The National Museum of Iraq, The National Museum of Afghanistan and the Benaki Museum)


Loans from The Kuwait National Museum, pre-Islamic artefacts from Failaka & Subayia


The Rising Generation from Traditional Japanese Kilns, Embassy of Japan

(5 December 2011 – 27 January 2012)

Golden Age of the Arab Sciences, L’Institut du Mode Arabe & Embassy of France

(14 March – 16 June 2011)

To the Holy Lands: 19th Century Photographs of Pilgrimage Centres in the Middle East (2019)


Leap in Time photo exhibition by two noted German press photographers, Erich Salomon and Barbara Klemm, organized under patronage of the German Embassy


The Quest for Water before the Oil Discovery and the Ma’Abbil, multi-media exhibition curated by Monique Guingard and under the auspices of the French Embassy


Mezzari and Mandilli: The Cotton Route from East to West, exhibition of 18th and 19th century large squares of block printed cotton and silk scarves under the patronage of the Italian Embassy


Dutch Cartography


Kuwait in Early Maps


The Overseas Business of the Dutch


Turkish Calligraphy


Masterpieces from the Hermitage


Handicrafts of Daghestan


Islamic Coins in Sweden


Photographs of Old Jerusalem


Qur’anic Manuscripts from Beit Al- Qur’an, Bahrain


Note: The earlier visiting exhibitions were held in DAI’s facilities within the Kuwait National Museum complex, before the destruction of the premises there during the occupation. The last exhibition on the premises was “Masterpieces from the Hermitage”. The exhibitions which followed, were hosted in other Kuwait National Museum (KNM) facilities, Kuwait University (KU), Amricani Cultural Centre (ACC) and Yarmouk Cultural Centre (YCC).

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